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Canada Equipment Financing

Key Equipment Finance Canada provides customized financing solutions for mid-to-large businesses and develops equipment financing programs for manufacturers, dealers and resellers. We have local expertise including:

  • Leasing, tax, legal and asset-management experts
  • Mid-to-large-ticket capabilities
  • Centralized controls and reporting
  • Credit and pricing authorities; lease negotiations
  • Customized sales and marketing support

Financing leader. Canadian expertise.

Key Equipment Finance is a leading provider of equipment and solutions financing. We customize financing solutions to meet your specific business objectives. Key Equipment Finance offers an extensive range of capabilities, tailoring solutions to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of clients. All our products and solutions are the culmination of years of experience and knowledge of our customers and market requirements.

Manufacturers, dealers, resellers

Are you an equipment manufacturer, distributor or reseller looking to offer an equipment financing option to your customers? Working with you, we can develop and administer a customized equipment financing program for your customers that helps you improve sales productivity, increase account control and add customer value.

For mid-to-large businesses

Get the equipment you need to maintain your company’s competitive edge. Key Equipment Finance customizes financing solutions to meet your specific business objectives. Key Equipment Finance is an experienced lessor serving companies across a wide variety of industries. We take the time to understand your business – your performance, your goals and your vision. Let one of our financing experts demonstrate how your business can get the equipment it needs while enhancing your cash flow and planning for long term success. As always, Key encourages you to consult your tax advisor when considering financing options.

Contact us

For more information please contact:
Richard McAuliffe
Phone: 1-800-757-5535


KEF also provides equipment financing solutions to our customers through our partnerships with manufacturers, dealers and resellers.


KEF also provides tailored equipment financing solutions directly to our customers, helping them better manage their assets and enhance their profitability.

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