Manufacturer / Vendor finance products

Key Equipment Finance offers a wide variety of equipment lease and loan products for equipment acquisitions across all industries.

  • FMV
  • Conditional Sales Lease/$1.00 Buyout
  • Sale & Leaseback
  • Deferred payment
  • 100% Purchase plan
  • Tax leases & loans
  • Tax-exempt leases
  • Syndication of loans and leases
  • Software finance
  • Installment payments
  • Progress payments
  • Loans
  • Tech refresh
  • TRAC leases
  • Operating leases
  • Construction leases and loans
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"Key Equipment Finance continues to provide..., flexible financing options for our customers for whom an equipment purchase is not viable. Win-win situations for our clients and for Orbotech."

Guy Shemi, Vice President of Finance, Orbotech North America


KEF also provides tailored equipment financing solutions directly to our customers, helping them better manage their assets and enhance their profitability.

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