Specialty vehicle financing

Energy Equipment Financing

Manufacturers and distributors nationwide depend on our longstanding experience and reliable capital to empower their transportation customers to say "yes." From equipment loans to customized lease structures to tax-exempt benefits for municipalities, our programs are flexible, our knowledge is deep, and our execution highly efficient.

Industry expertise IT Hardware Financing

  • 33 years of specialty vehicle financing experience
  • Ability to structure large and complex deals
  • State/local government regulatory expertise
  • In-depth understanding of vehicle assets and market trends

Specialty vehicle assets IT Hardware Financing

  • Motor coaches
  • Buses: shuttles, school and transit
  • Work trucks, including:
    • Tow
    • Utility
    • Crane
    • Maintenance and service
    • Refuse and recycling
    • Vacuum tankers and sweepers
  • Emergency vehicles

Vehicle-specific products IT Hardware Financing

  • Leases: 
    • FMV
    • TRAC
    • Fixed Purchase Price Option (FPPO)
    • $1.00 buyout 
    • Operating
  • Loans
  • Tax-exempt financing
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"Our new financing package from a top-tier lender...
...provides an exciting opportunity for those who want and need to upgrade or expand their aging fleets but don’t have the budget to do so."

Ian Shackleton, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Proterra Inc.


KEF also provides tailored financing solutions directly to our specialty vehicle customers, helping them better manage their assets and enhance their profitability.

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