Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Financing Options

Become more sustainable while boosting the bottom-line with green financing options

We believe that investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency has tremendous potential for both our clients and our company. As a recognized leader in renewable energy and helping clients achieve energy efficiencies, our specialists are armed with the resources, connections, and financing to design and implement unique solutions. We also work with manufacturers in the clean energy space to provide customized financing solutions for their customers.


  • Energy efficiency and renewable equipment installations can optimize cash flow by introducing cost reductions related to energy savings. A business can typically reduce its energy bill by 50-60% by making facility wide enhancements
  • Financing solutions for replacement equipment may reduce expenses related to building equipment repair and maintenance
  • Some projects may qualify for tax credits, rebates, grants, or other financial advantages available from federal, state or local governments, utility companies, or other entities
  • Key can introduce you to suppliers that can identify, quantify and implement projects

Renewable and Energy Efficiency Projects

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A strategic approach to sustainability

Companies today have access to an expanding menu of innovative clean energy alternatives and choosing the best options will depend upon the unique circumstances of each business. Every company will benefit by taking a strategic approach to evaluating sustainability projects and the capital solutions to fund them.

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How to build and fund business sustainability projects

Before launching an energy-efficiency initiative, it’s important to build a solid business case and understand the funding options and potential incentives that are available. Check out our pdf to see 7 Steps for Building and Funding Sustainability Projects.