Food and Beverage Production Financing

Strategic opportunities with food and beverage financing options

With dedicated teams in the Food and Beverage, Clean Energy and Technology sectors, we provide current asset knowledge and regulatory experience specific to your market. We also have deep industry relationships and resident legal, underwriting, and asset management specialists. Working together, we can help you identify, prioritize, and realize big-picture opportunities to build your food and beverage business.

Empowering resources

When you have access to capital, industry expertise, and service, opportunities abound. We offer all of these, plus a dedicated team that supports food and beverage processors, packagers, and distributors throughout the U.S. You, too, can acquire the equipment you need now and rely on Key to help you:

  • Enhance cash flow, budgeting, and forecasting with fixed monthly payments
  • Choose reasonable, longer terms
  • Save working capital and credit lines to invest in other business initiatives
  • Make progress payments to maintain project workflow and foster vendor relationships
  • Use 100% financing to combine hard assets and all related costs like sales tax, delivery, and installation

Food and beverage assets we finance

 Business food manufacturing icon

Food Manufacturing and Processing

Baking equipment
Snack production
Dairy processing
Beverage mfg
Protein processing
Pet food mfg
Business trucks and trailers icon

Trucks and Trailers

Wholesale/Food distribution
Private fleets
Specialty trailers
Business material handling icon

Material Handling

Sorting lines
Tank systems
Food and beverage warehousing and conveying systems icon


Conveyor systems
Food and beverage energy efficiency icon

Energy/Sustainability Projects

Energy storage
Fuel cells
Waste water treatment

Our consultative, comprehensive approach

We take the time to understand your organizations objectives and goals, and then tailor a scalable strategy to help you achieve them. Our combined industry experience and resident expertise in underwriting, asset management, and documentation span a broad range of customized solutions. With reasonable terms matched to the predictable life of the equipment financed, our structures include:

  • Loans
  • Capital leases
  • FMV leases with Early Buyout Options (EBOs)
  • Capped leases
  • TRAC leases
  • Split TRAC leases
  • Synthetic leases

A long-standing record of trust

As a division of KeyBank, with assets exceeding $181 billion,1 Key Equipment Finance is the nation’s fifth largest equipment finance company. Our reputation as an industry leader is built on a steadfast commitment to our clients and service-first principles to support their needs and company mission.

Innovative food and beverage financing

More than ever before, food and beverage companies must re-evaluate their business models and invest in new technologies to grow and stay competitive. But how do you prioritize equipment innovation while managing the challenges of rising costs, labor resources, and increasing demands?