KeyBank Specialty Finance Lending

Customized solutions and superior service designed for your unique financing requirements

In order to offer increased flexibility for distinct financing needs, Key provides specialized services and funding options using our own balance sheet as well as outside sources. Our third-party partners rely on our industry rapport and strategic expertise to help them broaden their investment community and diversify their portfolio.

KeyBank Specialty Finance Lending

KeyBank Specialty Finance Lending provides crucial liquidity to various commercial and consumer sectors, including:

  • Small- and mid-ticket finance and leasing companies
  • Business development companies and similar middle-market lenders
  • Transportation asset managers
  • Growth capital for late-stage venture companies
  • Asset-based loan providers
  • Timeshare, home-improvement and select consumer-asset classes

Facilities are structured to meet our client needs through the strength of our own balance sheet as well as the Capital Markets. Clients with highly specific financing requirements look to KeyBank Specialty Finance Lending for critical knowledge, broad-based experience and accountable resources, including:

  • An established track record and portfolio of strong performance
  • Seasoned expertise from a dedicated team with industry-specific knowledge providing reliable, consistent access to capital
  • Expanded capital opportunities through extensive relationships within the Capital Markets team

Capital Markets Capabilities

Maintaining a focus on secured, equipment-based financing structures, our Key Equipment Finance Capital Markets team leverages our asset diversity and depth of contacts, supporting our single-source strategy through a range of syndication functions, including:

Selling transactions originated with Key Equipment Finance (KEF) customers to the broader financial markets
Selling targeted assets from the KEF existing portfolio to third-party investors
Funding, underwriting or performing the agent/arranger role
Strategic investments in transactions with our reciprocal investor partners
Facilitating government/municipal financing and other specialized collateral opportunities, including:
  • Healthcare
  • IT
  • Energy/Solar
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Marine
  • Retail
  • Aircraft/Helicopter

Customized Funding Solutions

When the Key Specialty Finance Lending group began the relationship with Access Point Financial (APF), they spent significant time with us getting to know our firm, the nature of our business, our loan portfolio and the industry within which we operate. The group dedicated tremendous effort to this overall due diligence process, asking excellent questions and providing APF with invaluable feedback along the way. APF management believes Key has a solid grasp of our business model and has also demonstrated a high level of responsiveness to dialog regarding our financing initiatives and helping us with the growth of our platform. We highly value Key as a current (and future) lending partner, critical to APF's continued growth and success.

— Jon Hellbusch, Managing Director, Access Point Financial Inc.