Equipment Financing for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Financing services for 501c3 hospitals, schools and other not-for-profit entities

Take your organization from average to exceptional efficiency with direct capital, simplified processing and tax-exempt expertise. A pioneer in government financing, Key provides 501c3 hospitals, schools and other not-for-profit entities of all sizes that meet tax code with the knowledge and resources they need to maximize their budgets with minimal effort:

Non-profit financing specialists

  • Dedicated team of more than 30 government experts
  • Extensive regulatory expertise and knowledge of covenant issues, including capital restrictions, ratio maintenance and fixed-charge coverage ratios
  • In-house credit, legal and underwriting specialists
  • Broad equipment and software capabilities
  • 100% financing (no down payment or application fees)

Our municipal team helps this sector succeed by tailoring structures to meet its equipment, renovations, project financing and existing debt requirements and offering additional competitive advantages, including:

  • 100% advance rate
  • Low financing costs
  • Custom amortizations
  • Quick, efficient processing (90 days from commitment/approval)