Municipal Finance Options

Tax-exempt municipal finance options to help save money and meet requirements

If access to future budgets, non-appropriation risk and uncertainty about useful life are limiting your options for efficient growth, start here. Key offers decades of experience and full regulatory knowledge to help municipalities acquire the equipment they need now, with reduced costs and effort.

SLG financing: Powerful Key advantages

Cost-effective benefits

Our dedicated team of more than 30 government experts can help your organization improve cash flow, increase efficiencies and reduce overall life-cycle costs by providing a full spectrum of capabilities:

  • More than 5,000 municipal master leases
  • Broad equipment and software expertise
  • Customized structures and rate options
  • Escrow management
Single-source expertise

No broker, outside advisors, multiple document sources or cumbersome approval processes. We understand regulatory issues and procurement processes, tailoring unique structures through our team of in-house specialists:

  • Seasoned account managers
  • Operations and contract agents
  • Asset management experts
  • Underwriters
  • Legal counsel

Key allows you to avoid equipment obsolescence and restrictive depreciation schedules through flexible terms and payment plans that include:

  • Mid-term equipment or software upgrades
  • End-of-lease purchase and replacement options
  • Installation, shipping and training expenses
  • Forecasting and future budgeting advantages
  • Non-appropriations risk assumption
  • Tax-exempt benefits

Hear from Amy Gross, Sr. VP Key Government Finance

Banks and finance companies are seeking creative funding solutions to help cities finance their infrastructure improvements to upgrade their infrastructure with smart parking, lighting, traffic flow management and much more.

Opportunities and challenges in state and local government finance

Three main factors drive opportunities and challenges in municipal finance. The industry faces: a crumbling infrastructure and shift toward smart cities; an increasing use of technology and demand for financing managed services; and an aging population. Adapting to the evolving financing needs of tax-exempt clients requires new solutions delivered in new ways.