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Interactive Equipment Finance Infographics

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Automation: Benefits beyond the obvious

Equipment financing enables businesses to expand, pivot, and innovate their business models.

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The power of E in ESG

Energy efficiency initiatives help realize significant, immediate energy cost savings.

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Helping companies succeed

Six stories of doing it right

Energy efficient hospital

A practical path to energy efficiency for hospitals

Our experience points to three general levels of energy efficiency upgrades to identify next steps.

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The course is changing: It's time for growth

Qualitative data points to increasing optimism to rebuild and grow companies

Healthcare Cybersecurity eBook

Healthcare Cybersecurity E-book

Check out our interactive e-book to learn why cybercrime is a growing trend

Estimate LED lighting savings calculator

LED Lighting

Use our lighting estimator to learn how much your business might benefit from upgrading to LED lighting

Financing Basics

How equipment financing companies work

How Equipment Financing Works

Learn what you can finance and how Key Equipment Finance can help

10 financing questions and answers

10 Important Financing Questions to Ask

Understanding the variables that factor into your decision

Useful equipment financing terms


Enhance your knowledge of equipment financing with this glossary of terms

Key Success Stories

Metrus Success Story” class=

Metrus Energy

Client Success Story

Medical equipment financing case study

Michiana Hematology Oncology

Client Success Story

Municipal budget financing

Key Government Finance

Client Success Story

Auxilio Success Story” class=

Auxilio Services

Client Success Story

Colorado Public Radio Success Story” class=

Colorado Public Radio

Client Success Story

Helpful Equipment Finance PDFs

Equipment financing sales help

Equipment Financing: A nimble and practical sales tool

Three critical questions your customer needs answered to close the deal

Sustainability, renewables, and energy efficiency finance

Strategic Investment in Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

A strategic approach to sustainability

Partners in profitability

Building Profitability

Financing expertise for you, fast funding for your customers

Fields of agriculture

Agribusiness technologies and financing

Why and how to innovate now

Robot picking tomatoes

Innovative food and beverage financing

Food and beverage companies should reevaluate business models and invest in new technologies to stay competitive

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7 steps to sustainability

A kick-start to your sustainability projects